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Olympic National Park | Jade Holiday Travel
Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park

Located on the Olympic Peninsula, the Olympic National Park is one of the most famous national parks in the western United States. The park is a vast expanse of nearly a million acres, with more than 900 miles of hiking trails. In the center of the peninsula stands towering Olympic magnificent mountains, 60 iceberg stretches, light shine. The west of the peninsula is the trough of rainforests. The 73-mile Pacific coastline maintains the most pristine and natural coastline, with only a few locations to drive, making it ideal for hiking excursions. Olympic National Park has a unique natural scenery and wild species, nature lovers will be here to find the dream paradise.

Main Attractions
Hurricane Ridge

Lake Crescent

Sol Duc Falls

Into the original ecology of the forest, feel fresh

Classic Seattle 3 Day Tour

Lunch and dinner can be selected according to the needs of guests, Chinese and Western food. After dinner, return to the hotel to rest.


Day trip to Seattle

After breakfast, go to Pike Place Market Pike Public Market, which is the most popular set of downtown Seattle, colored trafficking seafood, fruits and vegetables, a flower shop next to a crowded. Of course, the most popular here is the boys who sell fish to show them throwing fish in the air technology. Another tourist came to Pike Place Market is the place to go first Starbucks Coffee Shop (1912 Pike Place).

Then visit one of Seattle’s landmarks, the Space Needle. The height of the Space Needle is 605 feet.

Then he drove boarded Kerry Park, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Seattle. And have the opportunity to glimpse the Queen Anne’s noble classic community.

And then on to visit the wonders of the sluice, enjoy the ship is out of the sluice works great lakes, and salmon fish ladder along the artificial countercurrent! . high-quality tour guides, their cordial, attentive and responsible attitude, said the country, Britain, Guangdong and other languages, uphold the “one case of a” empathic treatment of passengers, so that each passenger Each trip can play the fun, play with confidence, play peace of mind.


Day trip to Seattle

After breakfast, go to the world’s largest aircraft factory
Boeing Aircraft Factory. Visitors to the Boeing Aircraft Factory will see two films (1. aircraft history 2. in 7 minutes to quickly spell out the plane
(Qick Put Together)), followed by a professional narrator to lead the car around the area
365 hectares, there are 36 football museum so much of the factory tour.

After the visit to the famous University of Washington, the college building modeling very unique, especially the red square before the Central Library is a gorgeous and magnificent castle.
Then went to Microsoft’s software giant headquarters. Through the ranks of the world’s richest man Bill Gates mansion came to his kingdom Microsoft Park.


Day trip to Seattle

After breakfast, transfer to Newcastle Golf Club Newcastle Golf Club. In this hilltop stadium, you can fully experience the American leisure life, enjoy the pleasant scenery.

Then drive to the 270-foot Snoqualmie Falls. This is one of Washington’s most attractive attractions, attracting 1.5 million visitors a year. A viewing platform, a gift shop, and so on to North Point famous factory shop North Bend Shopping. Here are a collection of 50 famous factory stores, including Coach, Banana Republic, Bass, Carter’s, Eddie Bauer, Gap Outlet,

Nike, Reebok, Nine West, etc. Then go to the Snoqualmie Casino Snoqualmie
Casino. If you are in Las Vegas, you can enjoy a variety of food, enjoy a variety of performances